Saturday, May 19, 2012

Could IT Financing Be the Solution for Your Business Startup?

If you wish to make it into the "major leagues", then having your own IT equipment in place is a must. Not only will this make communication easier between your employees, but it will also help to make sure your customers are happy by allowing you to fulfill new orders with relative ease. If you've decided that it's time for your business to take advantage of new technological advancements, then one of the most important questions you will need to ask yourself is how you plan on paying for it. This is where IT financing comes into play. IT financing is a very lucrative option that could free up cash to be used in other aspects of your business.

IT Financing: The often overlooked option

No matter what type of IT hardware/software you need for your business, it will usually be quite expensive. So expensive in fact that it often becomes the number 1 barrier for new entrepreneurs looking to start a business. A lot of these entrepreneurs do not realize is that the capital for the technology needed can be financed. Yes, there are plenty of IT financing companies around that can easily accommodate whatever type of hardware/software you need to buy.

IT financing instead of buying is very advantageous because it will allow you to use your limited startup capital in other ways that may bring more benefits to your company. This could mean putting a bigger deposit down on the lease for your building, or perhaps even buying necessary supplies so that you can get started immediately.

A few things to watch out for when looking for a lender

Believe it or not, not all IT financing companies are created equal; when looking for a company to finance your IT infrastructure, there are a few tale-tale signs to stay away from. These include:

- High APR lenders.
- Lenders that require a substantial amount of upfront collateral. There are plenty of companies that do not require any at all.
- Contract managers that know little about how the IT industry works.
- Fixed non-negotiable contracts.

While there are of course other negative signs to stay away from, these in particular are the most important and widespread. If the company that you happen to be researching shows any of these signs, then it may be a good idea to simply look elsewhere. There are plenty of lenders on the market that are hungry for your business and will allow you to negotiate more favorable terms.

The bottom line

As you can see, IT financing can be a very lucrative option for those looking to start a new business or perhaps even upgrade an existing one to a better and more technologically driven infrastructure. If you think IT financing could be right for you and your business then finding a reputable finance company will be your first step. If you take the time to do your research correctly and find a lender with favorable terms, then you will surely put yourself ahead of your competitors who may still be struggling while using outdated or perhaps even non-existent IT systems.

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